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What happens to people when they have a soundtrack in their lives?
12/20/10 Shadoan 3 replies
Advanced Circuit Bending: IR-signal to video input in TV
11/04/10 robin
pre order lemonchill new album
05/22/10 lemonchill
02/25/10 Unsubsc...
New Release - Whale Song (HQ Audio) performed Live!
11/26/09 Ronzoni
LOOK! When you steal music, to overproduce prophetic, illegal HITS, from Nixon's warrentless wiretaps, don't lord it over Reagan's punkers, and come back to America:
11/19/09 Bob
Why, if sound waves travel faster through water, will the pitch of a metal gong go down when you immerse it?
08/12/09 Rick 27 replies
04/12/09 Unsubsc...
Ephemeral mists
02/23/09 mystica...

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